Subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Services Agreement (the “MSA”) between the Parties to which the Customer, will not to use the Services to any and all of the following:

“Black Listing” occurs when a Third Party service (e.g. Spamhaus) determines, in its discretion, that a BaRRiL issued IP address is a frequent source of unsolicited E-mail. Black Listing result in the IP address (or multiple IP addresses in the same IP range) being rendered unable to send E-mail to certain Third Parties. If an IP address assigned or used by Customer or any Customer End User is found to be Black Listed, BaRRiL may suspend or terminate the Services immediately, and without obligation to refund, without prior notice.

In addition to the remedies set forth above, Customer agrees to pay a fee of $500 for each instance in which an IP address or a block of IP addresses assigned to Customer or its Customer End User becomes the subject of Black Listing.

The anti-spam remedies set forth in this AUP survive termination of this Agreement.