Digital marketing is growing at such a fast pace that it may all seem confusing sometimes. But here’s the lowdown on everything around digital marketing that’s
important to know right now.

The concept of marketing has been around for many years. It has experienced a number of massive changes over time, with plenty of new trends appearing.

Highly dependent on technological advance, digital marketing is changing and evolving every day. Each year sees many new strategies emerging. Thus, this article aims to discuss some of the most recent digital marketing trends
you shouldn’t miss in 2019.

What are the latest digital marketing trends you should implement in 2019? What is a chatbot? What is the effect of AI in audience targeting? What is a VPN?

Why Is It Important to Keep Up With the New Digital Marketing Trends?

The world is moving incredibly fast, and it’s all thanks to the internet. Without this tool, marketing wouldn’t be the same massive industry it is today. The thing is, it’s so huge, and it’s developing so fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up, even for experienced marketers.

However, it is imperative to be aware of the new developments because it might just give a company the edge they need to smoke out competitors. And the world isn’t going to stop spinning any time soon.

In fact, there’s been a massive increase in digital advertising alone, according to Google’s parent company Alphabet. The tech giant reportedly has a 20 percent increase year after year, with at least 85% of that revenue generated by advertising.

That’s one way of proving that digital marketing isn’t slowing down. So it’s best to stick with it. Let’s have a look at what’s trending this year.

1. Tapping the Potential of Voice Search

Voice Search hasn’t been as widely adopted yet. But it’s a valuable tool for exponential reach as more and more households are starting to use smart speakers for their smart home needs. Voice assistants on mobile phones are also becoming more commonly used, with almost every big smartphone maker integrating one into their system.

According to Andrew Ng, 50% of all online searches in 2020 will be through either images or voice.

While it likely won’t replace text search altogether, voice search is still an excellent opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience. Businesses that optimize for voice search can expand their market further than their competitors.

2. Cyber-security will be more important than ever

This might seem like a strange addition to the list. But cyber-security is more important than ever with how much people rely on technology these days. Hackers are becoming smarter, and ransomware is on the rise. Attackers earned more than $6.5 million from holding companies’ corporate data ransom in 2018.

The threat of coming into contact with any sort of cyber threat is heightened for the marketing department that has to use various social media, answer emails, and talk to people online.

Between strategizing and rolling out campaigns, there’s simply no time to be on the lookout for potential threats. So something like a VPN could come in handy to keep cyber criminals at bay.

Beautiful Young Woman Filming Vlog

3. Video is Still Top Dog

There seems to be no end to the popularity of video.

Cisco predicts that more than 82% of internet traffic in 2021 will be video. That’s a staggering thought. But it’s crucial to start using this important platform right now for those who aren’t yet.

It’s the best way to get a message across, and it doesn’t have to be produced by an outside agency. Only a quarter of businesses in 2018 reported that they used agencies for their video production needs.

Video also has plenty of SEO-friendly qualities that will help a company rank higher in searches. That will stay true for years to come. In fact, the chances are good that video might even be given more SEO weight in the future. Especially with YouTube being a Google subsidiary. The tech giant definitely wants to drive more traffic towards one of their most profitable ventures.

4. What is a VPN?

A VPN or a virtual private network is a service that keeps all of a person’s online activities anonymous and secure by encrypting it. This means that no outside interlopers can get access to that data.


5. Artificial Intelligence Is Refining Audience Targeting Even More

Any marketer worth their salt will know that understanding their target audience is a core tenet to the profession. Without that knowledge, all other efforts are a shot in the dark.


It became more widely used in 2018, with 43% of marketers surveyed by Blueshift saying they use AI for audience expansion techniques.2019 set to turn it into industry-wide standard practice.

6. Visual Search Takes Precedent

Visual search allows people to find more information about anything by taking a picture of it. This may sound like some futuristic AI tech, but it exists and is being improved upon already.

It may not be widely used yet, but by all accounts, visual search is set to become an extremely efficient and popular method of online search. It likely won’t ever surpass text-based searches, but as AI improves more people will certainly start using it. Some mobile phones already have AI implemented in their camera functions that will help speed the use of this technology along.

The fact that it’s set to become such a widely used tool speaks to people’s preference for processing data visually. And it is a big new avenue for marketers. Visual search offers lots of opportunities for fun and creative marketing tactics where

7. Email Isn’t Slowing Down Anytime Soon

Email marketing has been around for more than two decades, and it’s still a core tenet of the digital marketer’s book. And that isn’t going to change within the next five years. However, it is still evolving.

Customer preferences continue to change when it comes to email marketing, and it’s important to keep up. Data analytics along with advanced email automation platforms have resulted in big strides in the personalized email sphere. Anyone who isn’t using email marketing tools to create unique and super personalized emails in 2019 may get left by the wayside.

Personalized email marketing isn’t anything new, of course, but its efficacy is almost undeniable. Studies show that personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and 74% of marketers say it improves customer engagement.

8.The Social Media Giant is Shrinking

While Facebook has been the top dog in online networking for almost a decade, it’s eventual decline had to start sometime. That time came in late 2017 and continued in 2018. Well, except in the 55+ age group, which is still going strong.

Not only have people been using the social platform less, but the way they interact with it is also changing. People tend to take longer breaks between checking the platform, often several weeks.

This is both an opportunity and a worry for marketers. Especially for those that are reliant on Facebook as a way to reach a lot or most of their marketing audience. They will start seeing a steep dive in their ROI as fewer people use the social media platform. It is, however, a great opportunity to begin using up-and-coming social networks before they become popular.

Right now, Instagram and Reddit are the top contenders. But the nature of the internet means that’s set to change too in the not so far off future.

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