New in the email marketing world? Learn how to construct an effective email campaign

By now, you may have at least heard someone talk about email marketing. Maybe one of your colleagues is a great fan or one of your close friends can’t emphasize enough how it has saved his business.

No? You’re serious?

Well, fortunately, you have arrived at the right article, cause we are here to tell you all you need to know about this digital marketing trend that everyone is talking about. Ready? Let’s get started!

By now, you may have at least heard someone talk about email marketing. Maybe one of your colleagues is a great fan or one of your close friends can’t emphasize enough how it has saved his business.
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Why should I be already sending email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing offers endless advantages; it’s becoming one of the most popular digital marketing tools, used by both big and small companies all around the globe. How nice can it be to become global with just one click?

But, first things first, let’s talk about what worries most of the newbies: Is it expensive? We are glad to tell you it’s not! Email marketing software and mailing apps, which we will dig into afterwards, are generally inexpensive, and email marketing has one of the best returns of investments (ROI) you will see 4300%, that is, $43 per dollar invested.

Now, let’s talk aboutitss main advantages: What makes email marketing so special is that it lets you communicate with your clients in a unique way, allowing you to personalize each and every message you wish to send.

Well, I can also do that by making a call, right? Yes, sure. But mailing apps will do it automatically and all at the same time. Imagine the amount of time you will be saving by just pressing a button to send your email marketing campaign instead of calling all of your clients one by one.

Thus, the way it engages customers and creates brand awareness is one of its most valued advantages, and it’s all because of the ease of communication it offers.

How to create the perfect email marketing campaign?

Now that you are (hopefully) convinced that email marketing is the path to take, we can share with you its secret weapon: mailing apps!

A good email marketing software is what will make life easier for you. Apps are incredibly easy to use and, as we mentioned before, they are mostly very inexpensive. Moreover, most apps offer a 30-day free trial so you can try their services first and then decide!

Your next question will probably be: How on earth do I create a full email marketing campaign if I know nothing about graphic design?! We’ll, we’ve got you covered on that as well. Mailing apps offer countless email newsletter templates so easy to build that even a child could do it.

email templates

Choose the one that fits better for your business and customize it with a simple drag and drop system. Add text and images, and the app will do the rest. You see? easy peasy.

These templates will automatically be responsive, so it won’t matter on which device your subscribers will open your campaign; It will look perfect on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Why will my campaigns be efficient?

Once you have built your perfect mailing campaign you can either send it or programme the sending for later on. You can also segment the sendings or send two different campaigns to different groups of people to check, afterwards, which one worked better.

How’s that? Because the advantages never stop. After you have sent your campaigns, mailing apps offer detailed statistics on how they worked so you can improve your next one. This is what will make them efficient; you will know what to change and get better and better with time!

Something you won’t have to worry about is deliverability; if you were to send thousands of emails from your personal Gmail account, for example, most of them would end in the spam folder of your recipients, as spam filters identify mass sendings.

email marketing

However, email marketing software has been developed to avoid that, and your campaigns will reach your subscriber’s inbox without any problem, as there is where they should be!

Mailing apps generally include some extensions that can make your life even easier; Google Analytics, so you can really track your success (and your mistakes) to detail, PrestaShop and Magento to help you with your online store issues, WordPress, so you can import your posts and synchronize your contacts… look for a good email marketing service that include these and many more!

To sum up, what will make your email marketing campaign efficient is not only the campaign itself; every feature of a mailing app works on a particular aspect that can help your campaign to be successful, and that is email marketing’s best kept secret!

But… how can a campaign boost my sales?

Email marketing works great when trying to turn your subscribers into clients. Let’s imagine you own an online store and you have managed to grow a contact list, so you now have a good amount of subscribers. However, what you want is them to buy from your site, that is, to become clients!

You can achieve this through newsletters; email marketing has amazing conversion rates, and this is mostly thanks to its Call to Action (CTA) buttons, which are generally included in the templates:

email CTAs

These are the typical buttons that claim “click here!” or “buy now!”, drawing the subscriber’s attention and making it easier for him to make a purchase. They lead him directly to your online store’s webpage, directly to the product they seemed interested in. They are incredibly effective!

Of course, newsletters are known for the presence of offers, discounts and promotions. Take advantage of this and send that special offer that will give your sales a little push when you need it the most.

Finally, another incredibly cool thing that offer mailing apps are seasonal templates; that’s right. There are always some special dates that work wonders for certain types of businesses: St Valentine’s Day for chocolate companies, Halloween for costume stores and Christmas for… almost anything, I guess!

seasonal email templates

You will find special templates so you can make the most of your ideal season to boost your sales a little bit more. And remember, not only commercial newsletters do the trick; it’s nice to send an email to your subs just to wish them a Merry Christmas! They will for sure appreciate it and this is the ultimate way of creating brand awareness.