There’s a famous saying that goes along the lines of: “If you want something done right, do it yourself”. We have all heard it from a grandparent, teacher or even a senior at work at one point or another. It is based on the premise that only you can understand and execute your goals in all their intricacy.

This universal philosophy is relevant to a range of environments, from assigning basic household chores at home to applying a detailed digital marketing strategy at work. However, what does this saying mean for situations where someone else has more time than you or is better equipped to accomplish what you are trying to achieve? For one, it means you find yourself doing all the mundane tasks yourself while you could be spending your time and efforts in places that would reap better results for your business in the long run.

Not sure if your company can benefit from the services that a digital marketing agency can offer? Here are some signs that it is time to rope in some expert help for your SEO.

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.
Phil Frost

1. Frequent Google Penalties On Your Website

There is a blurry line between spam and good quality SEO content. It is because the list of things that Google seems to value as good SEO seems to change with every algorithm update. And as the digital marketer responsible for all of your rankings, you’re expected to not only keep abreast of these changes as they happen but adapt your strategy and ensure that what you’ve done on your website in the past few months isn’t going to see them instantly penalised thanks to the new updates.

Tough, near impossible, for marketing person juggling multiple roles’ campaigns and various digital marketing services at the same time.

Asking for help from an expert digital marketing agency means that you can offload all the time consuming and difficult execution tasks to a team of pros who have your back while you and your team of in-house Marketing experts focus instead on the strategy you’re managing.

2. Missing The Mark With Keywords

Another popular saying that can be pinned to SEO is “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me”.

A crucial aspect of effective SEO is the use of correct keywords and phrases to build website content, links for outreach and regular monthly blog posts. Getting this content right and the keywords you include in it can mean the difference between position 1 and position 11. Not to mention that this content is expensive and challenging to create.

Working with a team of professionals who can tinker through your analytics reports each month and simply advise what keywords need to be targetted means one more task that you and your team don’t need to do yourselves.

3. Lackluster Results – Stagnation Or Regression

At the end of the day, the purpose of a digital marketing strategy is to secure more leads that will convert into sales.

If the content you’re currently creating and posting on your website is resulting in either a decline in or no significant website traffic, the time is nigh to switch things up. Outsourcing your SEO means access to a team who can assess your efforts objectively and provide you with insight into improvements you can make to achieve better results. And better results means happier clients.

4. You Are Stretched For Time & Resources

Your team might be genuinely skilled, equipped and experienced enough to handle your SEO projects without any assistance, but skill and expertise mean nothing if you don’t have the time to put them to work. It’s a complaint we get all the time: “I have the best, they just don’t have enough time to get to everything every day!”

Outsourcing your SEO means more time on your hands. And who would say “no” to that? You stick to the strategy, let your digital marketing agency partner just help you execute it according to your instructions. It allows you to allocate sufficient time and resources to other essential marketing functions, while the SEO is taken care of by experts.

Do not miss out on a chance to keep up with – and even stay ahead – of the curve of the ever developing digital marketing industry. Get in touch today.