With every passing day, more and more people turn to social media and online resources for information on brands and services, seeking reviews and verification before making purchases. While larger companies have capacity for greater exposure, small businesses need to understand and harness the power of online communities and marketing avenues in order to grow and thrive in today’s competitive business climate. One of the biggest opportunities that small businesses now have is the ability to build community trust for themselves. This has all been made possible by the expansion of social media, a tool that has levelled the playing field, and that can be used to advance your business reputation more than any traditional type of advertising ever could.

Digital marketing will become even more crucial and effective for business growth in 2020, with advanced targeting and personalisation further narrowing the divide between the right product or service and the ideal target individual and market.

Here are a few aspects of marketing that will advance greatly in 2020:

1. Influencer Marketing Will Become Even More Important

Large companies have marketing budgets that allow them to market through billboards, TV and radio ads and other broad avenues of exposure that small businesses simply cannot afford to do. Changes in competitive online marketing have seen a rise in micro-influencers – essentially individuals with specific interests and a group of followers who trust their opinions and reviews – and in 2020, this trend will become a valid, even crucial, element of an effective digital marketing strategy.

2. Targeted Content Segmentation

Personalised marketing is going to be huge, with ads and content created to cater to the interest of the individual as opposed to targeting a general geographical area, age group or other, more generalised target category. Online users have become accustomed to being able to create a digital lifestyle experience that matches their unique preferences, and this has prompted a need for digital marketing tactics to be refined to match this fluid, intuitive way of receiving and interpreting data. Intelligent digital marketing will help your business find the right people and offer them what they need in that moment or entice them with what they’ve statistically shown to be interested in.

3. Quicker Customer Response Solutions With Chatbots

Just as having a website is fundamental for your business, it will become increasingly important that you provide swift, helpful assistance to potential clients at any time of the day. Communication response time is being heavily tested, and people will quickly turn to another alternative if they don’t receive a reply from a business promptly. Chatbots have made their way into the mainstream of digital marketing and will become a vital addition to your website and social platform, allowing you to respond to queries immediately, even if it’s 3 am.

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Now that you understand why Digital Marketing is Vital for your business, start developing your Digital Marketing Strategy, with these 3 easy steps.